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Schools training

There school, as a place of knowledge and sharing, is the main cradle of innovative ideas and of visions about the future; for these reasons it could only be one of the main protagonists of the LIFE SALVAGuARDiA project!

Starting from the 2021/22 school year and until 30 November 2023, are activated different Educational Paths aimed at Comprehensive Institutes and Higher Educational Institutes of the area, led by environmental educators of the CAUTO Social Cooperative until places are exhausted.

The paths are centered on insights mainly concerning environmental issues related to the Garda area.
The aim is to develop in students curiosity, awareness, critical thinking, but also a positive and proactive approach, aimed at finding creative solutions.


How we work?

The methodology used is interactive, multidisciplinary and dynamic, preparatory to moments of sharing, participation and action by students. In particular, the educational approach is inspired by the constructivist vision which considers learning as a subjective construction of meanings on the basis of formal (school-given), non-formal (extra-curricular) and informal (implicit learning) experiences.

Participating is easy!

Sign up and follow the directions.

Your school will become part of the LIFE SALVAGuARDiA network and you will be able to share your work with others, helping to raise awareness on sustainability issues and receiving the LIFE SALVAGuARDiA brand as a project Ambassador!
Registration for AS 2022/2023 by 30 October 2022

Paths for schools

Paths for Superiors

TARGET: All high school classes


The educational path is divided into two phases:

  • Knowledge and in-depth study of the chosen topic, through the intervention of a CAUTO teacher / expert in the environmental education sector.
  • Creation of an output chosen from:
    • simplified version (2 hours per class)
    • PCTO version (hourly commitment varying from 6 to 8 hours, depending on the co-design). The classes, during the realization of the PCTOs, will be coordinated and accompanied in every phase of the work by the CAUTO expert.

The proposed routes are:

1. Climate change

2. Food, from waste to resource

3. Sustainable lifestyles