The targets of the project

Who is it for?

LIFE SALVAGuARDiA gives life to an environmental empowerment campaign that is aimed at all the main players in the Garda area. The various project actions will involve in different ways public and private subjects that inhabit, transform and live the territory in the 2021-2023 two-year period.

The main targets of LIFE SALVAGuARDiA, as well as beneficiaries of the project are:

public administration and public bodies

This category identifies all the local entities that preside over the public part and exercise both a political action and guarantee the execution of actions and regulations in the environmental and social sphere.

companies and trade associations in the productive world

Essential actors on which the project wants to affect in order to increase sustainable development policies aimed at promoting a green and circular economy.

tourist facilities AND tourism promotion bodies

The tourism sector is the pivot of a thriving industry in the Garda area, the project aims to bring the various realities closer together with a view to affecting the implementation of a shared strategy that, in addition to promoting tourism, focuses more and more on a contemporary one. common choice of reducing the environmental impacts generated.


The Garda area is rich in numerous realities belonging to the varied world of associations and the third sector. Increasing "network action" is now more necessary than ever to develop coordinated actions and thus increase the effectiveness of individual actions, bringing the themes of Green Deal and environmental protection in the foreground.

Schools and citizens

The world of school is one of the most representative targets of LIFE SALVAGuARDiA. Future generations are the beating heart of the environmental education campaign that will enter schools involving students of all levels. At the same time, the project aims to raise the awareness of all citizens, in order to spread an active environmental culture. Knowledge and awareness of environmental issues are the starting point necessary to trigger incisive changes in lifestyles and consumption.

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