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LIFE SalvaGuARDiA is the project financed by the European LIFE program which aims to translate into a campaign to raise awareness and reduce the environmental impact for the benefit of the Garda area.


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Our "wikipedia of sustainability" where you can find definitions and insights on the topic. sustainability

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The repository of the project, of the actions, of the events, where you will find every useful document referring to the various initiatives.

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Measure the degree of sustainability of your business thanks to the free Sustainability Assessment and discover the actions with which you can make your business more sustainable.

Public administration

Discover the best practices for sustainable PA by applying your sustainability path to the offices in which you operate and to the services you offer to citizens.


Networking with others, to face together the new challenges of our time and meet around common themes and interests is the approach that the Life SalvaGuARDiA project aims to promote among the associations of the Garda area. Propose activities, participate in initiatives and "network" with the other realities of Garda!


Take part in our free projects designed for all ages, from primary school to high school. Each class will be accompanied in practical group activities thus making the children real protagonists of the project!


Follow the updates on events and initiatives you can participate in. Do your part to make the Garda area more sustainable: you are Garda!


A real call to action to involve people in making sustainable gestures and sharing them on their social channels. User posts will create a gallery of best practice inspirational sustainable for all.



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Life SalvaGuARDiA is a participatory project: we want to hear your voice. Do you have an idea or a suggestion? Write to us!