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Measure your environmental impact


Do you know Integrated Sustainability?

One of the objectives of LIFE SALVAGuARDiA is the involvement of companies in the Garda area to increase their awareness of the issues of Green European Deal and the principles of Integrated Sustainability.

The main goal of environmental empowerment of the project is also aimed at the production companies that have to deal with one ecological transition required by the new national development scenarios. In concrete terms, companies will be invited to support, participate and share all the other actions of the project to act as a sounding board in the territory and personally face a path of reduction of their environmental impacts to contribute to a true sustainable change.

As a first step they will be able to perform a Sustainability Assessment online that will allow him to understand how close or distant they are to the principles of Sustainable Development and what improvement actions can be implemented. CAUTO will be able to provide various Integrated Sustainability services and projects to improve Sustainability performance.

17 Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals are a call to action by all countries - poor, rich and middle-income - to promote prosperity while protecting the planet. They recognize that ending poverty must go hand in hand with strategies that they mix economic growth and attention to social needs such as Education, Health, Social Protection and Job Opportunities, while addressing climate change and the "safeguarding" of the environment.


Integrated Sustainability Assessment

There assessment of the degree of sustainability company is an increasingly widespread tool on a global level, where it is placed as the foundation of future management and development strategies.

CAUTIOUS, thanks to the collaboration with Circularity technical partner, use a digital software easy to use for the company, which ensures the privacy of sensitive data requested.

For a truthful and representative result of the company reality, the correct compilation of the data and information requested is essential. To facilitate and speed up the compilation of the assessment, CAUTO undertakes to support the partner in all phases of the compilation.


Realization of your
Sustainability plan

Following the results of the Sustainabilty Assessment and after a greater awareness of the pluses and criticalities detected, CAUTO accompanies you in identifying the priorities and the best actions to take to increase your degree of Sustainability.

The proposed projects will be integrated into a Sustainability plan and specific actions.

In addition to strategic consultancy, you can also take advantage of a range of ESG services (Enviromental, Social and Governance).



Operational services



Brand attribution and project monitoring

All the activation actions that take place during the project allow to increase environmental awareness, reduce the environmental impact of the stakeholders and promote concrete improvement initiatives.

All those who share the principles of the project and who participate in the initiatives as promoters, sponsors or as direct users, are recognized the SALVAGUARDIA brand which demonstrates and certifies the real involvement and commitment - at different levels - to the realization of the specific and general objectives of LIFE SAFEGUARD.

Specifically, companies that choose to fill in the digital assessment, and therefore measure their degree of sustainability, will obtain the SALVAGUARDIA brand (intermediate level).

If, after measuring their environmental performance, companies decide to introduce "concrete and measurable" actions to reduce their impact, they will obtain the SALVAGUARDIA mark (advanced level).

Businesses will also be able to to monitor in real time the actual progress of the results obtained by consulting a private area on the platform.