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Each contribution is precious for the protection of Lake Garda!

Each contribution is precious! This is the message of the project and for this purpose the SALVAGuARDiA Committee was set up with the task of guiding, coordinating and connecting the many souls and actions of the project.

CAUTIOUS, the implementing body of the project, is a work placement cooperative (Law 381/1991) founded in Brescia in 1995 to combine social action and environmental action in a form of sustainable cooperative enterprise. The activities and services offered in the environmental field allow the reduction of waste and consumption and support innovative paths for the recovery and enhancement of both human and natural resources

The challenge of LIFE SALVAGuARDiA is to give life to a choral action shared by all those public and private subjects who inhabit, transform and live the territory.

Various public and private bodies and organizations representing the territory and those targets with which the project aspires to dialogue have joined and will actively participate in Life SALVAGuARDiA, to build together actions of concrete environmental and social sustainability, therefore we thank:

Province of Brescia, Confcooperative Brescia, Garda Uno, Garda Sociale, Acque Bresciane, ABA - Federalberghi Brescia, Legambiente Lombardia, Consorzio Lago di Garda Lombardia, Associazione LACU.S.-Festival della Sostenibilità sul Garda, Comunità del Garda, Gal GardaValsabbia 2020, Morene del Garda School Network.

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